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Discover the joy of movement in our diverse dance and pole classes! Unleash strength in sultry burlesque, energy in K-pop, and more.

Dive into the details! Explore our diverse pole and dance classes below – each one crafted to bring out your unique style.


Curious about what's coming up? Be sure to check out our upcoming workshops for something new.


Ready to join the fun? Schedule your classes effortlessly with the MindBody app. Your dance journey begins here!

Pole Classes

Pole class combines Dance, acrobatics, strength training, and flexibility all centered around pole. Classes will cater to the beginner, advanced, as well as the pro-performer for the stage and competition. 

Beginning Pole

Pole 1  introduces beginning pole movement pertaining to walks, spins, dance moves, and grips in order to build proper strength and confidence.

Intermediate Pole
Beginner Inverts & Transitions

Are you ready to hang upside down? Beginner inverts is the class for you. Learn how to flip those thricks upside down. Not only will this class focus on perfecting your climbs, but you will also learn the necessary tools to start your inverts successfully as well as clean and perfect them.

Beginner Pole Choreography

Learning everything from a beginner pole class but this class will also take the extra step of putting moves together to create a routine over a month. Clients are welcome to join at any time.


What is pole'ography? Great question. In this class we will explore floor assisted stalls, shapes, spins, and transitions while integrating those concepts into choreography at the base of the pole. Choreography in this class is usually taught over 3-4 weeks as we build the routine. You are welcome to join at any point.

"Sexylesque" Pole'ography

This pole dance class is focusing on the sexier side of pole choreography for intermediate and advanced pole dancers. This is not for the faint of heart as we will be learning grinds, leg waves, heel transitions, aerial body rolls, booty bumps, as well as sexy ways to move in and out of inverts. Don't be surprised if we add some chair and lap dance moves. 

Spin Pole

Loving static pole but looking for more? In Spin 2/3 we add the challenge of a spin pole along with climbs, inverts, and new tricks that take you to the next level. We will break down technique, how to adjust for a spin pole vs static, and learn how to start threading together tricks and moves to create fluid combos that you or your audience will love to watch.

Pole Tricksters Inter/Adv

Welcome to Intermediate/Advanced Pole Tricks. In this class, we will develop better technique and strength for those gravity-defying tricks. This class is perfect for those wanting to take their practice to the next level.

Filthy Friday Pole and Dance

Filthy Fridays will help you shake the week off and slip into something sexy for the weekend. This all-level sultry flow class will focus on building confidence and learning to find your style and rhythm, both on and off the pole. Starting with a follow-along down n' dirty warm up then playing with various sexy, but sweaty transitions. We will be exploring different themes, prompts, and characters week to week. 

Dance Classes

Take your dancing to the next level with our program. We have classes catered to the beginner and to the professional performer. We have numerous styles and instructors to choose from.


Contemporary dance form is a mixture of dance genres like classical ballet, modern, lyrical & jazz styles. Unlike other dance forms, it isn’t a rigid choreographic style and is open to many possibilities of creating new variations. This class will start with a technique warm-up and move into across the floor and a combo for all levels.


This class is for all levels. Combining styles of Hiphop, booty poppin, and booty shaking. This class is a half hour workout and half hour dance class guaranteed to work you out. All levels are welcome. We get low and dirty. Get ready to sweat and bring water.

Stiletto Strut

For beginning to adv. dancers and movers. This is a sexy class in heels. Learn how to be your best and most confident self when working your heels on the dance floor or in life. This class will start with a dance style warm-up and follow with across the floor technique. Learn an exciting dance routine that you will master and feel the hottest you have ever felt.

Modern Burlesque

Introduction to burlesque dancing, the hottest trend in town, bringing together a sizzling dance style with modern music and a lot of sassy fun! Learn how to walk and dance in high heels and how to exude confidence and sex appeal! And of course, Not only will you walk away with a few new moves for the boudoir, but this is also a great workout! No experience whatsoever is needed to take the course, it’s perfect for all people, shapes and persuasions. This class will sometimes incorporate chair and other props.

Femme Choreo

Dancers will begin in the center of the room with a warm-up that includes stretching, isolations, rhythm and groove exercises, and beginner fundamentals of Hiphop. This class is for the intermediate and advanced dancer. Learn an exciting and energetic combo to todays latest hits

K-Pop Dance

K-Pop dance moves are influenced by multiple genres, from hip-hop to traditional Korean culture to modern American street dance. Come to Hard Candy Dance Studio and find out why this style is so popular and exciting.

Turns & Technique

Turns & Technique is for the dancer looking to improve dance performance and technique. This class will focus on strength in the feet and legs. flexibility, and across the floor movement and center turns. This is an all levels class that will build your dance language and body. We will incorporate barre exercises, basic ballet, and a solid stretch as well as short dance combos to get you started on your dance journey.

Burlesque Jazz

his is Marquette's signature class Burlesque Jazz. Starting with a center warm up and across the floor we will then move into a commercial style combo that will get you sweating and working your technique. This class style changes from fast pace commercial jazz to sultry and gooey dance combos.


Reggaeton is a genre of music that originated in Puerto Rico in the early 1990s. It is a mix of reggae, dancehall, and hip hop, and it is characterized by its fast tempo, quite easily recognizable rhythm pattern, and heavy bass. Reggaeton is a high-energy, dance style that is performed to Reggaeton music. It incorporates elements of various dance styles, including hip hop, salsa, and dancehall, and is known for its fast footwork, and body isolations.

Commercial Jazz

For the dancer who has been interested in commercial dance technique and movement. Dancers will learn the basic steps of jazz dance with turns, kicks, and leap steps along with a combo to put it all together. Not only will this class focus in classic jazz music but also musical theater and lyrical. This is a great class for those looking to start dance, get back into it, or just have some fun in a safe and artistic setting.

Seductive Sorcery

Step into a magical world of movement, seduction, power, grace & fluidity as we discover and tap into what ‘seductive’ means to each of us. We will explore different styles of movement - everything from floor work, to pole work, to choreo and in between, experimenting with variables such as touch, eye contact, intention, speed. Join Stephanie every week as you learn some technique, dance through some choreo and come together with intention & reflection through magical musings to guide you about your day-to-day life, both inside & outside the studio. You'll captivate anyone, including yourself, through your unique style, movement and most importantly, by bringing out that sexy confidence you have inside you.


With a mix of Hip Hop and R&B music, this class will focus on establishing the inner feeling of movement beneath choreographed steps. Finding your own groove and being able to incorporate your own style will be the focus of this mixed levels dance class.


Do you ever find yourself wanting to just roll around on the floor? Welp, welcome home! This class is designed to explore movement off the pole and entirely on the floor. This class varies from week to week; one week you may work on choreography in this class, whereas other weeks you could work on floor based tricks/transitions or freestyle prompts. This class is designed for movers and shakers of all backgrounds. In floor flow we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, how long you’ve danced, we already can’t wait to move with you! All are welcome and celebrated LOUDLY in this class!! Now that you’re ready to sign up, you might be asking yourself what you wear to a class like this:
You can slither around in your socks or clack your heels unapologetically, just make sure that you have something on your feet!


Filthy Fridays will help you shake the week off and slip into something sexy for the weekend. This all-level sultry flow class will focus on building confidence and learning to find your style and rhythm, both on and off the pole. Starting with a follow-along down n' dirty warm up then playing with various sexy, but sweaty transitions. We will be exploring different themes, prompts, and characters week to week. 

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